case studies

Sense Checking Project

Provided a consumer sense checking service through the development of the new CBeebies Grown Ups website that launched summer 2011. MumPanel parents provided their ideas and thoughts on development, content and delivery. The MumPanel team advised on positioning, tone and communicating.
MumPanel Team

Brand, positioning and communication recommendations that have contributed to the core focus of the Grown Ups website. MumPanel team helped interpret the parent insight and views and turn that into meaningful strategy and content.


Informed and developed the design, content and contact strategy of the New CBeebies Grown Ups website.

Spreading the Word Campaign

Mamas and Papas approached MumPanel to find mums to help spread the word about their Mylo and Urbo prams.
What MumPanel did

MumPanel enlisted several mums and bloggers and these mums spread the word about being chosen to test the prams, then tested and discussed the results via social media.
The mums also reviewed the product description and gave feedback on that for future catalogue listings.
The campaign wasn't just about spreading the word - changes were also made to the products based on what had been said. We also organised a 'bloggers day' at M&P HQ where parents got to see the full range and exclusive products and then wrote about them after the event.


This saw a direct reach of over 20,000 via the blogs. Reviews appeared on page one of Google when searching for the brand. There were over 5000 views of a blogger's video on You Tube and Mamas and Papas saw increased reviews onsite.

Insight Project

Kellogg's asked MumPanel to taste test some new cereals with mums and children (6-10 year olds).
What MumPanel did

We conducted individual taste-testing sessions with target mums and their children. First we assessed the buying decision making process in the household and then noted first impressions of the cereal before gathering taste testing views and ratings. All insight gathered was analysed by the MumPanel team and presented back to Kellogg's, providing clear results and recommendations.


Provided valuable results that influenced the next stage of development on the production of a new cereal to be launched within the UK market. Decisions were made based on MumPanel insight.