At the heart of what we do is our MumPanel, made up of thousands of mums-to-be and mums across the UK with children from 0-16 years old.

What you need to know about our MumPanellists...

  • We have a wider direct reach to around 500,000 mums using our Hub Mums, group connections and social media.
  • We connect through MumPanellist's friends and their friends both out and about and online.
  • Our Hub Mums are those well connected - key mummy bloggers, mums who run groups, businesses or clubs.
  • We talk to individual mums and to groups within the safe circle of mums, for example at coffee mornings and girly nights.
  • We use our MumPanellists to connect to their children and gain their views.
  • We also connect with dads and grandparents.
  • We have grown our database organically and so we know our mums. The base continues to grow.
  • We connect with mums right across the socio-economic and ethnic spectrum.