spreading the word

Spreading the word is about tapping into a mum's natural journey and connections to let other people know about products and services.

What it consists of depends on which mums you want to connect with - but it encompasses traditional PR, blogger outreach, social media, SEO, sampling and review placement. And it's always focussed on mums which means we can work alongside or with your other agencies.

Spreading the word is always done honestly as part of a mum's day to day life - whether that's at the school gate or on facebook.

spreading the word

We often combine this three step process with PR, social media campaigns, blogger outreach and online review placement to increase impact.

What we hear from our clients is that spreading the word with MumPanel leads to:

"The most powerful marketing is personal recommendation. Nothing is more viral or infectious than one of your friends going to a place and giving it his full recommendation.” Jim Meehan, Please Don't Tell.


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